KOOWHEEL Newest Cool self balancing scooter Smart Balance Scooter k8

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KOOWHEEL Latest Smart Balance Wheel self balancing scooter K8


  • K8 designed in Milan,it’s originally EU market customized
  • Hidden Handle design, easily carried
  • Off road wheel design , easily catch eyes among the average models
  • Slim and light weight
  • Green lines on Pedal


Koowheel don’t make low quality products
K8 remains the Top quality standard
Use only the Top suppliers for PCB, Motor, Charger
The most reliable 24V 6.5inch two wheel scooter
Battery meets all safety standards
Lowest defective rate


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  • Performance Parameter input voltage 29.4V
    output voltage 29.4V-23V
    Max speed 10km/h
    working voltage 23v-29.4V
    Battery discharge capacity 10A
    battery capacity 4AH
    Physical parameter Max load 100KG
    Size length: 594MM
    width: 180MM
    height: 176.5MM
    Net Weight 8.65 KG
    Operating temperature  -10–40℃
    Operating environment Max angle: 18°
    ground clearance ≤3CM
    Range 10-12.5km
    Max climing angle 18°
    Naming rule of production date  –Year–Month–Date
    IPX grade IPX4
    Storage temperature   -20—60℃
    Charger power rating 58.8W
    Manufacturer  AOI
    Voltage AC input voltage AC100V—240V , DC output voltage DC29.4V
    DC output current  1550mA
    Charging temperature  0–45°C
    Functional parameter Malfunction indicator Indicator blinks,evaluate the problem by the blinking times
    Speed warning When the motor’s speed reaches the setting warning speed of 10km / h, the warning buzzer alarms;when it below the speed limit (set value: 10km / h), the warning buzzer does not alarm.
    Power indicator  Under voltage mode: greater than 23V , green light, less than 23V and greater than 22.3V,yellow light, less than 22.3V  red light.
    Speed limit when the motor‘s speed reaches the speed limit, Warning buzzer alarms; Otherwise it doesn’t alarm.
    Motor ‘s load short circuits protection when the motor short circuit occurs in running, the controller will protects immediately,to prevent against other power pipes due to chain reaction
    Buzzer when the controller fails or motors over speed (reach to the Set warning value) / power, the buzzer will alarm )
    Gyroscope angle calibration power on and hold the power button for 5 seconds (cannot be released) to start calibration gyroscope, calibration is completed after the taillight blinking, buzzer sounds, restarting resume riding function; angle correction range of ± 10 .
    Auto-sleep function when pedals without sensing anything  in 10 minutes, the controller will shut it down automatically.
    Voice Guide No
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