• What’s the difference between a bike helmet and skate helmet?
    Post time: Dec-11-2017

    A common question which people ask is, “What’s the difference between a bike helmet and skate helmet?” Aside from the obvious difference in looks, bike and skate helmets are actually functionally different in several ways, and you would like to make sure if you buy the right type of helmet for ri...Read more »

  • The Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks For Your Board
    Post time: Dec-06-2017

    Usually you don’t want to carry your electric skateboard long distances by hand, and a board backpack can make it much easier to do so. With a board backpack, you can also feel free to carry your board to work during a rainy morning and still ride it back home when it’s sunnier in the evening. Th...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-30-2017

    There are many unlicensed hoverboards out there available on the market, and you prefer to to make sure you will have one which is secure to ride for you or your kids. These hoverboards are available from totally different firms in different size and form so as to meet the person requirement. The...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-29-2017

    Read more »

  • Electric skateboards may change your commuting
    Post time: Nov-03-2017

    As people‘s living standard continues to rise, more and more people prefer to pursuit more fashionable and convenient life. Especially youngers, they desire to explore more new and exciting things. So, they have a higher demand for short-distance travel tools. On the one hand, they can enjoy conv...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-27-2017

    That’s because these personal mobility gadgets aren’t meant for long distance travel, however are fairly designed to make shorter commutes simpler and extra efficient. Assist for the bluetooth enjoying function of good phones and different stereo play units. Along with these features, this hover...Read more »

  • Why The E-skateboard So Sizzling And Welcomed By You.
    Post time: Oct-19-2017

    That’s completely true, when they saying they’re unique, there are the same type of so known as IOS in market already. These hand-free electric scooters or electric skateboard can be taken to a million locations, it doesn’t matter what you called them. Koowheel newest version Electric...Read more »

  • Foldable Electric Balancing Scooter Producer From Koowheel
    Post time: Oct-12-2017

    The Koowheel E1, a 2 wheel standup Foldable Self Balancing Electric scooter is likely one of the smallest and mild weight upright personal transporter autos on the planet. It is Koowheel Patent Innovative fashionable cool design, various types of headlamps and special tail lamp; There is a LED d...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-05-2017

    The range is one of the essential consideration whereas selecting an electrically powered vehicle. Self balancing scooter for low-speed vehicles, with all comparable merchandise identical. Developed by Koowheel, the Hoverboard K7 is patented as a “two-wheel, self-balancing private car.R...Read more »

  • Koowheel 2nd generation e-skateboard first riding
    Post time: Sep-29-2017

    Hi ~ Due to Koowheel 2nd generation electric skateboard Kooboard is the first electric skateboard in my life, and I rarely spend money to buy such an expensive toy (In addition to, bought the trail bike with “good cause”…) so I was eager to go to the park . And I was very painf...Read more »

  • About DIY Electric Skateboard
    Post time: Sep-22-2017

     Along with electric skateboard are hot and welcomed by modern young people, as long as own an excellent Electric balance board, they are more likely to do some DIY according to their own preferences. Recently I find out some cool DIY skateboard on Instagram. Pace: A speedy E-longboard will help...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-19-2017

    The reason for calling a self balancing scooter as “Hoverboard” is that whereas riding, it looks like you are hovering a number of inches above the bottom. Remember to maintain contact with the ground. This is an excellent two-wheel self balancing electric scooter that is ready to give a way more...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-12-2017

    All issues considered, I may substantiate this assertion with the brand Koowheel new K7 Self Balancing Scooter. The KOOWHEEL K7 hoverboard 8.5inch hoverboard big wheels off road Self Balancing Scooter is certainly considered among in one in every of solely a handful few fashions that comes UL cer...Read more »

  • Greatest Holiday Trip Tool—Kooboard cool life
    Post time: Sep-05-2017

    The “E-board” at the moment available on the market solely mimic the movements of the popular, fictional boards. Now we can see that more and more people are fall in love this  travel tool. Recently, one of China top five hoverboard brand company are developing  2nd generation electric longboard...Read more »

  • Bluetooth Glorious Self Balancing Scooters
    Post time: Aug-29-2017

    Although, one of the excellent ways is to buy from an genuine and properly-reputed seller to nullify the prospect any such incidence. This way you won’t lose your approach and don’t have to worry a lot in regards to the oncoming traffic. The 2 Wheel Balancing Scooter by Powerboard`s battery...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-23-2017

    The hoverboard are welcomed by more younger people, because they can gained unlimited happy and enjoyed on riding hoverboard, but how to choose a safe self balancing scooter? Now let me recommend three safest and best self balancing scooter to you. The first one is the KOOWHEEL brand Self Balanc...Read more »

  • The market advantages and prospects of KOOWHEEL hoverboard K8
    Post time: Aug-15-2017

    1. The development status of self balancing scooter 2. Maintain the market of balance car. 3. K8 market advantages and Prospects In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the new energy vehicles – the balance cars were loved by domestic and foreign consumers for its environmental ...Read more »

  • This trip is both environmentally and inexpensive
    Post time: Aug-07-2017

    Every Monday came, commuters also crowded on the bus / subway, painful life on the way, I think our heart is tired, elaborately to makeup, finally was soaked with sweat in the crowd. Although modern traffic tools are various, but also not meet all the people: drive the car, too block; metro bus, ...Read more »

  • Koowheel 8.5inch Off-Road K7 brings better experience to you
    Post time: Aug-01-2017

    The KOOWHEEL 8.5inch Smart balance scooter K7 is one of the newest hoverboard on the market. It features a slightly different technology than the other hoverboards,allowing it to use more powerful motors, the 8.5inch wheels are fantastic on dirt and grass, even though, not being inflatable, you ...Read more »

  • Difference between Koowheel k8 and regular 6.5inch hoverboard
    Post time: Jul-26-2017

    1.  Price Koowheel 6.5inch smart balance wheel k8 is cheaper than regular 6.5inch hoverboard on the market. 2.  Apearance Koowheel 6.5inch hoverboard k8 has the following features:private mode. Milan designer, which In line with European and American aesthetic habits. HANGHONG Motor (ensure t...Read more »

  • Koowheel K8—your choice of Hoverboard
    Post time: Jul-21-2017

    Koowheel launched it’s latest hoverboard  Koowheel K8—Your choice of Hoverboard •The sooner you choose K8, the more money you will make; •As smart balance wheel hoveboard K8 will become the new hot-sell item.What is going on with the Hoverboard Market? •The Chic version has been on the Market f...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-18-2017

    How do you spend your Weekend Time or LeisureTime? In recent years, young people in order to pursuit fashion and exciting lifestyle, riding on a smart balance scooter is even more becoming popular today. It has become the easiest way of movement. This is all attributed to the comfort and reliabil...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-12-2017

    “A:Turn on the board, press the “”power on / off”" button;The board is on when hearing the honk sound and LED indicator light is on. 2. Step on the board and keep balance. Firstly put one foot on the foot pad then slowly move the body’s focus on the foot pad, and th...Read more »

  • Are the self balancing scooters safe to use?
    Post time: Jul-07-2017

    Self Balancing scooters, or also known as hoverboard, self balancing board, electric balance scooter become a very popular thing in recent years. Especially in the US and UK, they like full of challenge and excitement, discover funny things from daily life. These 2 wheel electric scooters offer ...Read more »

  • Who says your daily commute can’t be fun?
    Post time: Jul-03-2017

    You are keen on skateboarding but be weary of all the pushing with your feet? There’s a new electric skateboard from Koowheel China. Maybe can change the way to move. The following photo takes by htfubeck. Thanks for sharing it.The Koowheel electric longboard skateboard was created with the sim...Read more »

  • The three tips on selecting electric skateboard
    Post time: Jun-27-2017

    Now more and more people have fashion and technology request when go travel, then electric scooter is a necessity in fashion group travel. But for most new products, the self balancing scooter price is more expensive, so we must be careful when we buy. We have summed up the three elements of purc...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-22-2017

    In Europe and the United States and other countries, the hoverboard scooters or skateboard scooter is very popular, the kids start playing skateboard scooter at an early age. Koowheel technology company introduced the history of the Four wheel Electric Skateboard with dual motor, used for short ...Read more »

  • The feauture of the two wheel smart scooter k3
    Post time: Jun-13-2017

    Two Wheel Electric Scooter is an electric, self-balancing ability of individuals to use transport vehicle, with an urban vehicle, it is an unprecedented new vehicle. Also known as the hover board, for personal transportation, patrol work, indoor stadium, golf cart, police patrol, patrol exhibitio...Read more »

  • What kind of experience can an electric skateboard bring you?
    Post time: Jun-06-2017

    The intelligent extension of entertainment experience Electric Skateboards have inherent recreational attributes. In the late 1950s, residents of the southern California beach community built the world’s first skateboard. As an extension of surfing on land, Electric Hoverboard has been brew...Read more »

  • The Self-balancing Scooter K5 brief introduction
    Post time: May-27-2017

    Product Description The self-balancing scooter has three sections. The two axes control the left and right sides of the scooter’s body; the two sides can operate independently while moving, and will not interfere with each other. The scooter has two wheels; the width between the wheels does not ...Read more »

  • Which travel tool is suitable for you?
    Post time: May-19-2017

    At present, in the short distance transportation, the youngers pays more attention to the balance scooter, electric scooter, electric scooter and the electric skateboard these four types. Their common features, in addition to electric, the most important is portability and more new features, as w...Read more »

  • Why the E-skateboard so hot and welcomed by young people?
    Post time: May-11-2017

    Electric Skateboard is full of fun and it becomes the hobby of many young peoples. Recently,especially many girls start to join in this team. However, the skateboard those girls use is not traditional one, but KOOWHEEL D3M dual motors Electric skateboard. Such a skateboard owns beautiful appearan...Read more »

  • KOOWHEEL New design Electric scooter L8
    Post time: May-08-2017

    Koowheel Patent Innovative fashionable design electric scooter L8 To skate is to be free, there are no rules in this world and you are only restricted by your own imagination. Koowheel can take you anywhere you desire, there are no limits. We think the brand should embody this concept, hence the ...Read more »

  • What do you like best between E-scooter,smart scooter and E-skateboard?
    Post time: Apr-28-2017

    Appearance, the appearance of them are different, but basically rely on the balance of people to achieve, about the balance ability need for a certain learning process, no one will be good at riding these since they are born .  Electric scooter compared with the latter two, it is easier t...Read more »

  • How about the safety for an adult riding electric scooter?
    Post time: Apr-17-2017

    Now the electric scooters has become a popular choice for leisure and fitness. The young people riding the electric balance scooter, can exercise balance and reflex ability, and can promote the development of the cerebellum and promote brain development, enhance the cardiopulmonary circulation. ...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-12-2017

    Koowheel New Hoverboard K5 is coming! It has much differences with regular Hoverboard. About this hoverboard, our R&D Team spend much time on riding experience, so the improvements  make people better enjoy the happiness of riding. Three parts structures. Keep balance by itself. Easy for begi...Read more »

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