• How about the safety for an adult riding electric scooter?
    Post time: Apr-17-2017

    Now the electric scooters has become a popular choice for leisure and fitness. The young people riding the electric balance scooter, can exercise balance and reflex ability, and can promote the development of the cerebellum and promote brain development, enhance the cardiopulmonary circulation. ...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-12-2017

    Koowheel New Hoverboard K5 is coming! It has much differences with regular Hoverboard. About this hoverboard, our R&D Team spend much time on riding experience, so the improvements  make people better enjoy the happiness of riding. Three parts structures. Keep balance by itself. Easy for begi...Read more »

  • Electric balance scooter – Show your fashion life
    Post time: Apr-05-2017

    Traffic jam is a big problem in city, its very difficult for searching a parking space, therefore “congestion” has become the most common adjective for those people living in the city. So, in this metropolis, the electric hoverboard make travel easier, especially in summer and winter,...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-29-2017

    Package Includes: Electric skateboard with battery*1 User Manual*1 Charger*1   How To Ride the Skateboard? Turn on the Remote first and turn on the board to connect, Stand like this, little forward, slowly push the button, here we go! If you want to enjoy the highest speed, you can press 7 ...Read more »

  • Balance car gives you the most comfortable way to travel in summer
    Post time: Mar-16-2017

    Balance car gives you the most comfortable summer travel mode core tip: high temperature intolerable in hot summer, travel becomes a torment. Koowheel balance car give you the most comfortable way to travel in summer, a cool summer! Summer, travel has become a kind of suffering, on a sunny day, t...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-15-2017

    According to U.S. media reported on March 11, 2017, in Harrisburg city for hoverboard fire explosion incident led to the death of a child, two girls were injured, in addition to a firefighters were injured. According to firefighters described, at 8 pm, in order to escape, one of the victims from...Read more »

  • Meet all your riding needs—Koowheel Balance scooter
    Post time: Mar-14-2017

    Not the same as the Koowheel balancing scooter, more convenient on riding, more exciting ride tour, you want to start it? Want to experience  riding pleasure in the city? Just give you a KOOWHEEL balance car, you can freely walk through the ride for a long time without worrying about the high str...Read more »

  • Electric Hoverboard makes life more casual & free
    Post time: Mar-07-2017

    Nowadays, sports has become the favorite activities to office gens, white-collar workers in the office, on the day of the computer, each parts of the body are lack of exercise, especially prone to various minor problems in various aspects of the body, such as sore neck, mouse hand, eyes dry, ther...Read more »

  • KOOWHEEL E-skateboard, Make your life be Cool
    Post time: Mar-01-2017

    Have you ever thought about a romantic and beautiful weekend with your lover? Do you want to show yourself in the public? And would you like to let your body and mind to be fully relaxed on a sunny day, feel like a poetic and moving melodies, and listen to the voice of nature, permeated the wh...Read more »

  • Have you got a essential tool of tourism—Balance Scooter?
    Post time: Feb-22-2017

    Two wheeled balancing car to take you to the spring outing If winter is gone, can spring be far? In the spring we want to stay away for a spring outing. Wild flowers bloom in the spring, when people see the colorful and fragrant flowers, will naturally stop, take a look at. The study found that t...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-07-2017

    Hoverboard also called self-balancing scooters, due to previous years’ hoverboard fire incident, The US Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) has announced that all self-balancing scooter or Hoverboard manufacturers, importers and distributors of counterbalanced vehicles must comply with the...Read more »

  • Koowheel Electric Skateboard Quick Start Guide
    Post time: Jan-17-2017

        Remote lights tips: 1.Charge  indicator will be on when charging 2.Battery light and Direction indicator on means it’s connected 3.BLUE means battery is high RED means battery low 4.Direction indicator turn RED when reversed     Get Ready 1. Install the battery correctly, and twist screws 2...Read more »

  • KOOWHEEL give you a different experience on E-scooter or E-skateboard riding
    Post time: Jan-09-2017

    The riding is not over pedal domination, and later with the traditional motorcycle and electrical bicycle this category. As a personal transport, the speed is there, but the pollution problem has become a center of contradiction. KOOWHEEL two wheel board K1 and four wheels electric skateboard hov...Read more »

  • Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard to go anywhere
    Post time: Jan-04-2017

    In a modern fast of life, for most of white collar, outdoor activities is a good pleasure at weekend. Here comes a question: how can they get to the agreed place? KOOWHEEL Electric skateboard will be an excellent choice for those fashionable young boys and girls. It is means that they don’t hav...Read more »

  • The Advantages of riding a hoverboard
    Post time: Dec-26-2016

    Hoverboards are very popular today and it has become a trend for kids,teenagers and aults to take a short trip with the awesome self balance hoverboard.If you want to buy the hands free hoverboard for children, friends or yourself,you can get many informations from internet concerning the 2 wheel...Read more »

  • Why did the electric scooter or skateboard so welcomed on the market?
    Post time: Dec-14-2016

    Enter the new year, the electric balance scooter field competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Major manufacturers have launched their new products, continue to consolidate and expand its influence and status in the consumer. The author has always considered that one of the most important co...Read more »

  • Let the smart balance scooter accompany with you at Christmas.
    Post time: Dec-08-2016

      Due to the every year’s Christmas nearly, Christmas familiar to China Spring Festival, on this day, most of people can do what their want to do and buy their most favorite gifts in a very affordable price. You cannot wait it to try? In the fast pace of modern life, most white-collar go to and l...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-28-2016

    In the fast pace of modern life, most of white-collar want to go to and leave work every day with a happy mood, under the increasing traffic jam situation, no matter in what kind of transportation will be inconvenience, while walking or riding a bicycle waste a of time, so you need an smart scoot...Read more »

  • Why does the balance scooter be white-collar’s work artifact?
    Post time: Nov-22-2016

    When you go to work, what do you fear most? I believe most people will say that they are late, unless they are affected by the inhuman treatment on their way to work. Most people go to work by bus subway ride, of course, can choose to walk away. And between the three of them have their own disadv...Read more »

  • Electric self balancing scooter’s fashion charm is irresistible
    Post time: Nov-16-2016

    koowheel electric self balancing scooter, people are always too curious for new things, therefore, the new riding device has attracted people’s attention, attracting the vast number of consumers competing to buy. Koowheel Self Balancing Smart Scooter now has become the riding star in the in...Read more »

  • Do you know these useful tips for balancing scooter maintain?
    Post time: Nov-03-2016

    How many do you know for balancing scooter maintain tips? Today let Koowheel Editor introduce for you. The maintenance method for Balancing Scooter or hoverboard : 1. The use of the Koowheel balancing scooter can not be separated from the role of the wheel, so we should the make proper inspecti...Read more »

  • Koowheel electric scooter promote environmental-protection awareness
    Post time: Nov-03-2016

    There are many famous hoverboard scooter brand, how is Koowheel has been rated as the top ten smart scooter brand for several years? Please open your Google browser, and then search the keywords “balance scooter supplier”, found that the domain name on the first page. In twenty-...Read more »

  • Koowheel smart scooter free your heart, your traffic solution
    Post time: Nov-03-2016

    The players use innovative technology and ways of thinking, to provide innovative and practical solutions for modern traffic problems, create a harmonious traffic, although the idea is good, but can not be implemented, what time can be implemented is still a question. When the traffic problem can...Read more »

  • The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics
    Post time: Aug-10-2015

    If you don’t know what Google Analytics is, haven’t installed it on your website, or have installed it but never look at your data, then this post is for you. While it’s hard for many to believe, there are still websites that are not using Google Analytics (or any analytics, for...Read more »

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