Koowheel K8—your choice of Hoverboard

Koowheel launched it’s latest hoverboard

 Koowheel K8—Your choice of Hoverboard

•The sooner you choose K8, the more money you will make;
•As smart balance wheel hoveboard K8 will become the new hot-sell item.

Newest the cheapest smart balance scooter hoverboard K8

What is going on with the Hoverboard Market?

•The Chic version has been on the Market for over 2 years, people are looking for new models;
•Yet,they don’t have much choices;
•Prices are just keep going down , as the quality standard is also going down;
Hoverboard Manufacturers are making no money from the Cheap models, no money, no new models;
Koowheel off road hoverboard K8 is going to change the Market.

What Makes Koowheel K8 different-Design?

•K8 designed in Milan,it’s originally EU market customized;
•Hidden Handle design, easily carried;
•Off road wheel design , easily catch eyes among the average models;
•Slim and light weight;
•Green lines on Pedal.

What Makes Koowheel K8 different- Quality?

•Koowheel don’t make low quality products;
•K8 remains the Top quality standard;
•Use only the Top suppliers for PCB, Motor, Charger;
•The most reliable 24V 6.5inch hoverboard;
•Battery meets all safety standards;
•Lowest defective rate.

What Makes Koowheel K8 different- Price?

•A 6.5 hoverboard with New exclusive classy Milan-design;
•With guaranteed quality;
•With lowest defective rate;
•It’s also with the lowest price possible;
•It’s only.

Why Now ?

•The cheap low quality hoverboard  is destroying the market;
•In the same time, potential risks is getting higher;
•People are looking for new designs that excites them;
•Holiday season is approaching;
•Koowheel wants to raise the safety standard;
•Koowheel has the design capability which no one else does.

Why  Cheap ?

Koowheel want to raise the safety standard of the hoverboard market;
•We beat the low quality hoverbaord not only by design, quality;
•Most importantly by Price;
•Purify the market by Price;
•Koowheel K8 is not only good, it also cheaper.


Post time: Jul-21-2017