Let the smart balance scooter accompany with you at Christmas.

  Due to the every year’s Christmas nearly, Christmas familiar to China Spring Festival, on this day, most of people can do what their want to do and buy their most favorite gifts in a very affordable price. You cannot wait it to try? In the fast pace of modern life, most white-collar go to and leave work every day with a happy mood, under the increasing traffic jam situation, no matter in what kind of transportation will have inconvenience, while walking or riding a bicycle is a waste of time, you need an intelligent vehicle to balance change your life, you need to make it to upgrade your feelings of happiness.

  Here, I will recommend a good gift for you— Koowheel Smart Balance scooter.


  Patent 7 inch wheels Koowheel dual Bluetooth and smart LED lights K5.

Koowheel patent hoverboard 7inch wheels K5 with dual bluetooth and smart led lights

  You Can riding by stand or sitting posture, sitting riding easy to holding the balance car, so it is easy to learn, master, standing riding will also have no difficulty, for those people who interested in the balance car but afraid to difficult.

    Key features:

    Removable battery

    Samsung battery

    Bluetooth technology: play music and be entertained during your ride with 4.0 bluetooth speakers.

    Speed & Range: Travel at speeds of up to 12 mph fora range of 10 miles per charge.

Post time: Dec-08-2016