Koowheel All Terrain Electric Skateboards 1500W*2 BELT Motor 45KM rang max 50KMH

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  • Ultra Powerful — Boasting a range of 45KM with real test conditions (test rider weighs 75kg travelling at 30km/h on 90mm PU wheels). The AT5Vall terrain electric skateboard also has the highest top speed of any production boards on the market, at a whopping 50KMH, all while maintaining more torque than you’ll ever need.
  • Safety Performance — The AT5 ‘s deck, alongside the battery box, keeps the battery pack well protected against any puncture or bends. Not even a car driving over the board could break it in half's.
  • Quality Adjustable Speed And Brakes — 3 speeds and 3 brakes are designed from weak to strong to meet the needs of different riders. Wireless remote control allows you to change speed mode freely.
  • Professional Skateboard — Convenient and innovative way of commuting- With 1500W*2 motors at your disposal, rubber wheel will give you incredible launch and hill climbing capabilities. Therefore, we advise at speed mode 3, only attempt to full send the throttle with extreme caution.