KOOWHEEL Electric Longboard Maintenance and Management

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  • Always close the power port before cleaning.
  • Always disconnect KOOWHEEL Electric Longboard from the charger before cleaning it.
  • Do not use thinners or other solvents to clean since they could damage surfaces.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean plastic parts.
  • Do not wash KOOWHEEL LONGBOARD with running water.
  • To remove mud or dirt from underneath the vehicle use a plastic brush.



  • Turn off KOOWHEEL LONGBOARD before charging it. Connect it to a power socket using the supplied cord and charger.
    • The charger LED indicates the battery/charge level.
    • When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns green, so disconnect KOOWHEEL LONGBOARD from the charger.
    • Charging for too long (>4 hours) could damage the battery, reducing its duration.
      • To extend the battery’s life, store KOOWHEEL LONGBOARD when it is fully charged.
      • Store in a dark place at a temperature between 5-25°C.
      • If not used for a long period of time, charge the battery once a month.
      • Battery life depends on various factors such as weather, storage and use.
      • Do not use the battery in the following cases: abnormal smells and/or excessive heat. Liquid leaks.
      • Do not touch any substance leaking from the battery.
      • Do not allow children or animals to touch the battery.
      • KOOWHEEL LONGBOARD cannot be used when charging.
      • Batteries contain hazardous substances. Do not open the battery and do not insert anything inside it.
      • Only use the supplied battery charger.
      • If over-charged, lithium batteries may explode.
      • Do not throw in fires.

Post time: Dec-27-2017