Where do you want to go travel in this spring?

Spring is coming soon, would you like to go on a trip at any time? Or want to go out and explore different worlds? Do you want to give yourself or family an impressive and perfect holiday?

If the answer is Yes, please choose a sunny day to go out, then you will catch unexpected scenery at the end of your journey.

2 gen kooboard electric longboard

However, there is a question, which kind of transportation do you prefer to choose, plane or train? Whatever you choose, when you arrived a place at the end of a journey, you need an excellent short-distance transport. But which short-distance travel tool is the best?

Air travel Approved electric skateboard

Nowadays, the Skateboards magetsi are very popular by most young girls and boys. It is not only a good commute tool but also really can attract people’s eyes. China Koowheel 2 m'badwo magetsi longboard (Dual brushless hub-motors) has replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer. Its normal speed is 30km/h, the top speed 42km/h, go faster. (depending on body weight and road condition) Besides, this is an electric skateboard approved for Air travel, you do not have to worry about the boarding problem at all.

If you are a fashion girl or boy, bring  the magetsi skateboard is your best choice. You can start explore this world at any time and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Wish you have a pleasant and different trip in this spring.

Post nthawi: Feb-28-2018