Short Lead Time for Koowheel Patent cool design Dual bluetooth 6.5/8/10inch K1 with UL2272 certified for Plymouth Manufacturer

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We believe that long term partnership is a result of high quality, value added service, rich experience and personal contact for Short Lead Time for Koowheel Patent cool design Dual bluetooth 6.5/8/10inch K1 with UL2272 certified for Plymouth Manufacturer, We sincerely welcome both foreign and domestic business partners, and hope to work with you in the near future!


1. Koowheel Patent cool design;

2. CE/ROHS/UL certificates;

3. Dual bluetooth speakers;



1. Samsung original imported battery;

2. Taotao Tech mainboard;

3. Hanghong motor;

4. Raw materials made cover with UV covered;

5. Aluminium alloy body;

6. UL/CE certificated charger.


Warranty: 2 years



  3607_05  3607_063607_07 3607_08 3607_09 3607_10 3607_11  3607_13 3607_14 3607_15 3607_16 3607_18 3607_17富德源-体感平衡车 K1 CE-EN15194证书    

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  • After testing two of these things, this is my favorite.

    ✏️ Quick thoughts to supplement my video demonstration.

    - Main differences: The smaller (6.5 inch) wheels are easier for smaller people, say under size 9 shoe. It’s just the board base is smaller.
    - The design on this particular board is such that when it tips over after stepping off, the lip/edge doesn’t slam into the ground. My other Swagway kept getting chips taken out of the plastic every time I stepped off.
    - Much more responsive comparatively. It’s hard to explain, but it just responds faster.

    Now on to the what I think of these so-called “Swagways:
    - They’re expensive, but they are incredibly fun. You will be giggling like a mad man.
    - Take about 15 mins to get proficient. From 7 years old to 65, I’ve tested it on all… it’s very intuitive. (but scary at first!)
    - Bluetooth speaker is LOUD! (I love it)
    - Works on cement, hardwood floor, and sidewalks. And stay out of the rain.
    - Super long lasting… seriously I’ve charged this thing once (several weeks ago), and it’s still going strong.
    - It’s heavy! Don’t be carrying this with you while traveling or you’ll be cursing the weight.
    - Perfect for videographers who want a smooth, steady shot. I’m using this thing at weddings.
    - Overall, it’s extremely responsive. You can stop on a dime with this thing, even when going full-tilt.
    - If you’re a large person (over 260lbs), I’d suggest heeding the warning and staying off. You don’t want to be responsible for a $500 devices breaking because of your weight. (that’s a little embarassing)

    Note: I was given a sample of this product in exchange for a review and demonstration, which of course has no bearing on the honesty of my opinions regarding the product. Hope my demonstration and test helps!
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