Koowheel High Quality CNC 6061 Aluminum Alloy Material 7 Inch Electric Skateboard Wheels Set

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Thicker outer tire which is less likely to get punctured. Customized tread pattern for better water guiding which improves wet ground 

Built for the road:
As you don't need to worry about pinching flats, you can run at much lower pressure and enjoy more comfort on the ride, and meanwhile feel less fatigue from road vibration. Lightweight yet remains controllable in fast descents and extreme cornering.
High Quality CNC  6061 Material  7 inch Electric Skateboard Wheels 
Suggested tire pressure:  30 P.S.I / 207 KPa
Wheel Diameter: 175*50mm
What’s included:
175mm tire x 4
360mm*15mm HTD-5M belt x 2
66T CNC pulley x 2

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